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Mental and Physical Development

Talking about a piano or showing a video of piano playing is not as effective as having students play an actual piano - the same way watching exercise is not as beneficial to health as exercising yourself.


Many people believe in the Mozart effect - that listening to Mozart can boost IQ and intelligence.  But often, the science is misunderstood, or exaggerated by people keen to sell products to parents.  Most these tests only focus on IQ tests, which only measure a very small area of a child’s abilities, and are not a predictor of long term success in life.  The benefits we refer to in music making come in total development - the ability to learn new skills efficiently, to express themselves clearly and constructively, to be socially adept and confident. 

Music Makes Your Child Smarter, Philip Sheppard

Learning from Young Children: Research in Early Childhood Music, Suzanne Burton, and Cynthia Crump Taggart

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