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Young Children's Community, age 1-3

It's a critical period. Maria Montessori not only discovered the immense capabilities present in the child in these first 3 years, but also the tremendous importance the beginning years of life have in affecting human development.  

During these early years, your child MUST find the material and stimulation for optimal brain development.

Explore more about our Young Children's Community here.

Children's House, age 3-6
Our Children’s House environment enables children to access advanced concepts in geography, botany, zoology, algebra, geometry, grammar, music and science; complex fields usually reserved for much older children. 

Explore more about the Children's House here.

Elementary, age 6-12

The Montessori elementary highlights the interrelation of bodies of knowledge, in a dynamic classroom designed to reveal the relationships between disciplines.

Explore more about our Elementary right here.

Upper School & Senior High, age 12-18  

The Erdkinder responds to the developmental needs and drives of our adolescents by providing a environment that builds on what they have achieved in the elementary: a community with significant responsibilities and meaningful work.


Explore more about our Upper School and Senior High.

Special Classes, for age 1-18

Voice. Violin.  Piano.  Guitar.  Flute.  Marimba.  Percussion. Mandarin. Filipino. Robotics. Instrumental ensemble. Classes specially designed to respond to your child's individual interest.

Explore more about our Special Classes here.


For the past 30 years, the Mithing Pangarap Educational Foundation has offered free Montessori preschool education to the community of Smokey Mountain, the former dumpsite in Tondo, Manila. 

Find out more here.

Children's House
Special Classes

Inquire via +63917.657.6133

Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm


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