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Children's House

Absorbing complex concepts. 
Maria Montessori found that young children enjoyed and understood advanced concepts in complex fields such as geography, geometry and algebra, if they were made available through concrete, sensorial activities.

Highly movitated and engaged. 

In a Montessori Children’s House, each child’s concentration, involved exploration, and persistence in solving a problem is respected, not just by the teachers, but by other children.

Mixed-age community. 

The mixed age community presents valuable experiences of peer teaching, as children are encouraged to offer to help one another, or to share something they have just discovered with a friend.

Learning by exploring. 

The Montessori materials enable children to learn as they explore – to build up clear ideas, superior academic skills, and exceptional character  - through daily experiences not present in a traditional classroom.

Every child is hungry to explore the world.  The Montessori environment brings the world to the child at this age not through teacher-led passive lectures, but through materials that become memorable learning experiences.

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