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Awakening children's imagination

The reasoning mind.

Montessori education for the 6-12 year old is both similar and different from that of the 0-6 child.  While it remains the same at its core – the beautiful, hands-on materials, mixed-age community, and individual, personalized approach – it differs in that the nature of how the 6-12 year old child learns has changed

The developing intellect and reasoning mind of the elementary child brings about a drive to explore in an even more intense way - to explore the reasons of things, the relationships between things, the abstract, places and ideas that can be reached only by the imagination.  

At this time, the elementary child is most receptive to receiving vast amounts of knowledge, and this is what a Montessori elementary offers to the child - geometry, the history of the world, natural science, mathematics and algebra, geography, the study of language and literature, music, art, physics.  

Interrelated disciplines.

The method focuses not on the mere transmission of facts, but the inciting of the children’s imagination so that they are motivated to explore further on their own. Concepts are presented to the child in such a way that they inspire an idea of the whole, becoming imbued with a power to excite the mind.

Montessori elementary education shows the interrelation of bodies of knowledge, in a dynamic classroom designed to highlight the relationships between disciplines.  

A collaborative community.

Moral education is important during these years.  In the Elementary class, there continues to be a strong emphasis on community.  The children experience making daily contributions to their social group, not just in caring for their community, but in their intellectual work. 

Knowledge is shared through peer teaching, as well as collaborating and working as a team on large-scale, self-directed, research projects.      

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