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A Time of Transformation

Collaborative work.

This is a time of transformation - a time when the human being is beginning to learn to become adult, and but as yet is very awkward at it. 

Adolescents are genetically programmed for social interaction, and so the Montessori environment makes this possible, as well as constructive to their learning.   Whatever discipline they study, collaborative work is part of the process - no matter the subject, have opportunities for research, song writing, story, poetry composition and appreciation, dialogue, drama, performance.  

Applied learning.

The adolescent is eager to be part of society in all its aspects - this is when the human being is most interested in how people earn a living, the organisation of politics, the morality of actions. The 12-18 year old is extremely idealistic and driven to change the world.  While traditional education usually subjects this age to memorizing meaningless facts they cannot see as relevant to human life outside the classroom, the Montessori adolescent program offers learning about real life.  Lessons have practical applications that enable students to see how they can make an impact on the community. 

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