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Montessori Learning


Creating an environment of exploration, guidance, and stimulation.

Child development requires guidance, stimulation and an environment

that enables constructive exploration. Our Distance Montessori Education program guarantees protection of this core strength of the Montessori Method.

The Philippine Montessori Center provides your child with an individually tailored crate of materials designed to respond to personal interests and abilities at each moment.

Interests and abilities change, and so materials are regularly rotated to offer your child further challenges to support progress and engagement.

Manipulatives in Math.jpg

Manipulative Learning Materials

Certain activities in the Montessori curriculum introduce the child to complex and abstract concepts. An example of this is the Golden Beads.

The child needs to feel the material, discover the difference in weight of a unit and a thousand, compare their size, manipulate them with hands. 

 A child will not be able to access these sensorial impressions that will build that strong mathematical understanding, if the material is just shown through a computer screen.

Daily Schedule

A child’s daily schedule is balanced with independent online work, offline work, one-on-one lessons, and small groups. We create time for meaningful interactions with friends and opportunities for peer teaching - and of course, music!

Open Lines of Communication

Parents play a key role in the success of any child’s Distance Montessori Education. We offer parent consultations, caregiver consultations and academic consultations through proven online channels to keep the communication lines open.

Learning with AMI Trained Guides

AMI is the international organization that Dr. Maria Montessori established to continue and protect the integrity of her work. A diploma/qualification from an AMI teacher training course is recognized worldwide for its authenticity and quality.

At the heart of Montessori Education is the Guide trained in the unique principles and methodologies of Montessori. Their deep understanding of child development, years of experience, and passionate love for teaching make them an invaluable part of our school community.

 - Over 50 Years -
Authentic Montessori Practice

My child and I welcomed DME with much enthusiasm…we unwrapped school materials like presents on Christmas Day. I had to learn how to be part of the environment, and I had to learn fast.

Now I understand my child’s affection for the adults in school – they treat her with dignity. My child’s Guide – she is not simply aware of my child’s idiosyncrasies, she celebrates them. I deeply appreciate how Philippine heritage is not merely tokenistically represented. 

I cannot imagine early childhood distance education being done any other way. DME, the remote learning framework design by PMC, is a gift that I am grateful for every day.

PMC gave my children the confidence to explore and learn at their own pace… we really felt how dedicated the teachers were to the guidance and development of their students… going above and beyond any expectations, showing how a true village filled with care can raise a child.

I am thankful for the PMC community for their dedication in making it a smooth and enjoyable journey for my children…. They take time to connect with the children and have found very creative ways to engage the children.

My children always look forward to seeing their teachers, learning, observing and talking to their classmates and music and singing.

The environment may be different but the things that matter - the teachers' love for guiding, observing and seeing the best in all the children are there every day and the children are growing, enjoying and learning.

PMC community’s hard work continues to amaze me and I’m grateful that our family is part of this community.

Browse through these pages - peek into our beautiful environments, meet our teachers and graduates, watch our children make music, and read the scientific research behind what we do.  Discover how The Philippine Montessori Center can help your child develop an incomparable foundation for life. 
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Discover Our School

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